A leading full-service footwear company specializing in Design, Sourcing and Technology with Global Distribution.

Since 1975

Two decades after stepping through the doors of the Kinney Shoe Corporation at the age of 15, a budding entrepreneur named Robert Campbell had a big idea. His idea was called BBC International, where he and partner Donald Wilborn found a home for it on the 65th floor of the Empire State Building.

There, the idea took root.

Dedication, teamwork and character made the idea grow. And grow, and grow, and grow.


BBC International stands as a global powerhouse. From “A”-List brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, Champion, Tommy Hilfiger, and Michael Kors to entertainment licenses for Marvel, Universal, and Nickelodeon to a booming private-label business, the scope of its success continues to expand exponentially. Now, we set our sights on new opportunities and new avenues for growth. In doing so, we remain true to the tremendous spirit of Robert Campbell’s vision.



BBC’s forte is its ability to design, develop, and source unique footwear extending across all product categories and genders. BBC has achieved worldwide recognition through a tradition in our successful use of licensed properties, specialty brands and the latest technologies, while delivering the highest level of quality. The diversity of our collections clearly demonstrates BBC’s ability to create fashion forward product at various price points. The BBC Design Team strives to capture the essence of each brand to ensure that the heritage and authenticity shines through in elements that push the boundaries to ensure consumers see each brand as fresh and relevant. Our goal is to consistently invigorate the brand by offering specialized and strategic design that respects the uniqueness of each brand through the latest trends in fashion, directional color palettes, material, and treatments.


Innovation has always been a strategic core competency for BBC International. In the late 80’s BBC was the first to introduce lighted technology into the children’s footwear market place. The future of technology in footwear is evolving and BBC continues to lead the industry through a continued focus on research and development. BBC is currently the proud owner of several patented technologies that are used to drive business and product differentiation throughout the world. We have many projects in the works that will drive the future of technology in the footwear industry solidifying BBC as the frontrunner in innovation.


For more than 40 years, BBC has been a prominent footwear sourcing agent representing the largest footwear providers and specialty brands in the world. Our development and sourcing capabilities overseas are extensive with a factory base exceeding 100 in Indonesia, Korea and Cambodia. Our diverse factory base allows BBC to be a full-service footwear provider across multiple categories.

Over the years, BBC has focused on fair business practices and delivering on our promises. We have developed an impeccable reputation, giving BBC a strong competitive advantage when it comes to sourcing. Factory groups know that BBC will focus on quality and execution and understand that they can expect to be held to the same high standards as BBC holds itself.

Having a firm grip on the importance of factory compliance is key; particularly when working with the type of worldwide brands and licenses that BBC calls its partners. BBC utilizes its internal quality control team overseas to work with our factory base to ensure we are meeting all compliance and safety standards our brands and licenses demand. Our founder has held the post of President and is currently on the executive board of the FDRA and AAFA, two organizations dedicated to pursuing collective actions for issues that impact the footwear industry.

BBC has always been at the forefront of development of new demographic areas within Asia and in other areas of the world. We understand that the establishment of a full development structure in new areas must be a strategic philosophy. We have and we will continue to embrace this strategy for years to come to solidify our position as a leader in our industry.


BBC’s global distribution network spans over 85 countries with new markets being opened on an ongoing basis. Our international teams identify partners to align with for all product categories, distribution levels and segments of the market.

A clear understanding of the global retail marketplace has positioned BBC to lead the industry with our global model for our In House brands, global licensed programs and sourcing platforms.


BBC International LLC is a global company that values the importance of a sustainable supply chain. It is with great honor that BBC International accepts the responsibility of aiding an environmentally sustainable development, waste reduction, and the design of eco-friendly footwear. Our eco-friendly footwear is created by actively recycling materials and utilizing non-hazardous renewable resources.

Energy & Climate

Production Impacts

Production impacts have been put into practice to reduce consumption within our establishments. We have gone forth with the purchase of eco-friendly supplies such as water-based cement and exclusively only buying recycled cardboard for our brands shoe boxes. In a like manner, we procure recycled upper linings and insole boards and put in effect the removal of tissue packaging completely where possible. BBC International takes a stance on box optimization essentially by the use soybean ink for printing hangtags and boxes, migrating packaging to polybags versus cardboard boxes, and reducing the size of packaging.

Material Efficiency

Our Closed-Loop Process is a series of steps which are used to increase the efficiency of material. We begin by using materials for the insole board and vamp lining that are attained from previously recycled materials. As material is received from the supplier and cut based on the paper pattern for the shoe, the excess material that does not get utilized in the final product is collected and placed in recyclable packaging. In an effort to avoid contamination, these packaged bins are set aside in a quarantined area for which then the material supplier returns back to the factory and picks up the materials from our bins. As a final point, the material are then reprocessed and sold back to us again that will allow us to allocate resources in the most efficient and effective manager.

Supplier Management

BBC International is engaging in acquiring more information, and as we do, we are open to sharing findings and benefits of sustainability with our suppliers and business partners.


The marketing department is broken up into 3 groups. The graphics department, social media and the licensing/legal department. They do all the in-house printing of collateral. This team also creates all the packaging for retailers and manages POP request. The social media team manages a variety of owned and licensed social platforms, handles all content creation, digital advertising and analytics. The license team focuses on meeting and beating the requirements of all licensors and the legal team works with our counsel on legal matters and contracts.